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Product Name: Frozen Tilapia Fish Whole Round With Wholesale Price Offer

Scientific Name: Oreochromis Niloticus

Freezing Way: IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)

Types of Processing

A. Whole Round

B. Gutted & Scaled

C. Gutted & Scaled & Gilled,

D. Cleaned (gutted & gilled & scaled & fins off & tail off),

E. Fillet Skinless & Boneless

F. Fillet Skin on & Boneless.

Size: 1/200, 2/300, 3/500, 4/600, 5/800, 8/1000, 1000G +, ETC.

N.W. / Glazing: 80%NW, 90%NW, ETC., as per customers’ need.

Package: IWP, bulk pack, 10kgs/ctn.

Shipping DOCS

1. Commerical Invoice

2. Packing List

3. Certificate of Origin

4. Health Certificate

5. Bill of Loading

6. Form A / Form E

7. Others fishing documents as per custmers’ need


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