Fresh Citrus Fruits, Valencia Oranges & Lemons

exportation for more than 15 years. Our produce includes Orange, lemon, mandarin, pomegranate, strawberry, guava, watermelon, garlic, potatoes, capsicum, chili, onion, etc……..
With reliable quality , competitive prices and premium services, We have justifiably gained the

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We Offer fresh Citrus along the year , washed , waxed and packed according to your standard
( Navel oranges , Valencia oranges , Grape fruit , mandarin , Lemon )
Navel Oranges : From December until March
Valencia Oranges : From January until July
Mandarin : from January until march
all sizes available from 48 count until 105 ,
packing in plastic boxes or cartons
1600 box per 15Kg packing for the 40FT HQ RF container unit , or 10KG box , or bulk packing 500KG box
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