Cod stockfish

– Sun-dried, boil sun-dried with head and headless
As we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality for the satisfaction of our customers, all our stockfish and frozen fish are approved and certified by  Food Safety Authority.

We packaged into 45kg or 50kg bales and cod heads without collarbone are packed into bags of 30kg.
stockfish types that we offer are: tusk or brosme

– cod or torsk
– haddock or hyse
– saithe or sey
– ling or lange

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 Cod or Torsk
– Haddock or Hyse
– Saithe or Sey
– Ling or Lange
– Tusk or Brosme


We have these Stockfish in Available Size:
– 20 / 40cm
– 30 / 50cm
– 40 / 60cm
– 50 / 70cm
– 60 / 80cm

Packaging: 45 kg or 30kg bale.
Minimum Qty Order: 100 Bales


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