Kiln Dried Beech firewood

Main type Firewood Cleaved – Not Cleaved
Type Firewood/Woodlogs Cleaved


Volume 21 – 300 pallet per month
Type of species European Hardwood
Species Oak, Hornbeam, Common Black Alder
Length 25; 33; 50 cm
Thickness 5-17 cm
Description  supplies firewood from alder, birch, aspen, hornbeam, oak and ash.
The main parameters:
• Humidity:
– Fresh
– Dry, not more than 25%.
• Standard length: 25 –50± 2cm.
• Side length: min 5cm – max 17cm.
• No more than 15% of not chopped firewood, diameter of 5 – 8cm.
• The internal standard size of a pallet:1.0×1.15×0.87m ≈ 1.0RM/ 1.0×1.15×1.75m ≈ 2.0RM
• Packing is possible in: mesh bag / cardboard box.


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